Server Rules!


Make sure you are reading the Rules frequently! It may change without your knowledge.

No forms of Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Exploiting or Duping

Staff have zero tolerance towards any forms of hacking, use of glitches, or known defects in the game’s current state. This can include but is not limited to; clipping storage (fully or partially) inside objects or building geometry; Using floating objects to scale a wall; Abusing hitboxes to force someone into or through an object using another player, vehicle, or object.

Do not create new fences (and gates from those fences) to raid.

Do not Loot Cycle.

Common sense: Even if a glitch or exploit is not specifically described here, it is still against the rules. If in doubt, open a ticket to ask the Staff team.

No VAC or Game Bans

Players with recent VAC or game Bans may be Banned from zR platforms without the opportunity for appeal. Even if it's from another game, we cannot trust you. Older bans will be reviewed by zR Staff. If you feel your VAC or game ban was issued incorrectly or for something negligible, instead of trying to persuade us, please appeal your VAC ban with the Valve support team.

Do Not Stream Snipe!

Do not be logged into a zR server while viewing or listening to any stream that is taking place on that server. This rule is considered broken whether or not you interact with the streamer directly or indirectly. Players that receive information from someone who is observing a stream will be treated the same as if they themselves were viewing the stream.

You are allowed to watch a stream with the streamer’s permission while playing on the server if you are with them in-game. However, you still may not use anything learned from the stream to gain an advantage in the game.

Do Not Combat Log

Do not log out, or stay logged out after the server crashes/restarts, to avoid other players or any possible negative consequences/interactions. If you need to leave the game for IRL reasons and are mid interaction with other players, inform them ASAP. If Rules were broken during any interactions, please report them.

As a general rule, if you’ve been in combat you should leave the area and wait to log out as you can never be entirely sure that the interaction has been finished.

Do not log out while being unconscious but respawn and log out after respawning.

Do Not Spawn Cycle to Return to the Fight

Do not commit suicide or purposely get yourself killed via PvE or PvP elements to return to a fight’s location. If you happen to respawn near the fight you are welcome to return to it.

Do Not Share Accounts

Do not share access to Steam accounts. Offences committed while an account was shared will affect all parties equally and cause the removal of all Steam accounts. This includes VAC and game bans obtained on a shared account.

Do Not Spam

Do not spam users, zR Staff, or the Ticketing system (chat messages, VOIP etc). If you feel a rule was broken, submit a report.

If you interact with someone in-game and you wish to talk to them about it, send them a personal message over Discord and wait for a reply. Please remember to be respectful during this interaction.

Do not abuse VoIP to spam Music, Soundboards or other forms of Sound Effects to other players in a malicious manner (distract, harass, etc.)

Event Rules

Certain community events may require small sets of event-specific rules to ensure they are possible to carry out. If an event has any specific rules, they are shared through our private forum in advance.These event rules are enforced the same as other server rules.

Have the Ability to Solve Differences with Other Players Maturely.

Staff prefer not to become involved in personal disputes between players and encourage them to resolve their own issues in-game and out of game. Our members are expected to be able to solve differences and make compromises with each other. If you find difficulty resolving an issue, please contact the Staff team for assistance.

Breaking Rules Will Result In A Kick/Ban!

▪▪ Follow the Rules Play Fair Have Fun! ▪▪

How we enforce the rules, investigate reports and make sure we remain impartial

A preset format and process helps with consistency

Bans and appeals are handled by a dedicated team of the zR staff, with years of experience in leading a community. Impartiality, experience, a cool head and a healthy dose of distance are key to effective and fair administration. If a staff member has any form of personal involvement or investment in an incident, he or she can only supply evidence or information. Participation when decisions are made will not be allowed. In some cases where the incident depends on policies instead of hard evidence, the dedicated team has to anonymize suspects and argue their case in front of the rest of the senior zR moderation staff.

Innocent until proven guilty

We care about all of your reports, incidents or concerns and want to hear what you have to say. Every report will be taken into consideration and investigated but we will not act upon them if no sufficient evidence is available. Players are to be seen as innocent until proven guilty. If we repeatedly receive valid reports that fall short just for not having suitable evidence, we will still make note of them in zR’s “naughty list”. All notable rule breaks, minor infractions or reports against players are archived in the naughty list.

Keeping privacy as high priority

When reports are investigated or concluded, we do not release personal information that will aid in identifying another player’s identity in game or out of game to anyone. Policy related issues are frequently handled by keeping suspects entirely anonymous. This way we can remove any potential bias and uphold impartiality.

A fair chance: all bans can be appealed

Mistakes happen, evidence can be misinterpreted. While we enforce all rules with confidence, we think it’s unfair to proclaim any and all staff decisions as final. All bans, except those issued for ban evasion, can be appealed. To appeal a ban, please fill out the ban appeal form with all the required information. Ban appeals may take multiple days to complete while we perform our investigation. We ask that you remain patient throughout the process. If you do not hear back from us via E-mail within 2 weeks, feel free to contact us through again to inquire about the state of your appeal.